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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Indian Outfit- Teal, Red and Gold Saree

Remember I attended a friend’s wedding in December 2013?! I had promised that I would do a post on what I wore (WIW) to the wedding and here it is.

Hubs and I had gone to Bhopal for a friend’s wedding, and although the whole stay was sort of hectic, it was super-fun! I had already planned my outfits in advance and even took some spare sarees and suits, just in case I changed my mind at the last moment.

Basically we had to attend 3 functions in a span of 1 and a half days, so I needed 3 outfits, one for each function. Initially I had planned on wearing a gorgeous silk saree for the Sangeet-cum-Cocktail but it so happened that we arrived late (courtesy Shatabdi) and I did not even have the time to figure out a parlour (for saree tying). So I gladly wore my favourite black A-line suit. I could not get photos clicked due to paucity of time, but I have worn this suit a couple of times, and already done a blog-post on it. You can see it here.

The next day was the Haldi ceremony, and although we got ready on time, we missed a major part of it because I had rushed to the nearest mall to figure out a parlour where I could get my saree tied in the evening! Hahah! You can imagine with all the running around that I did not actually get the time to get an outfit photo clicked. However, I have worn this gorgeous cream, cobalt and red suit more than once, and you can have a look at it here.

Now coming on to the outfit that I wore to the wedding- I had zeroed in on a teal and red georgette saree with gold motifs and a broad gold border. What made me choose this saree was the stunning combination of teal and red, although the saree is largely teal, it has a dash of red in the border. This saree was a part of my wedding trousseau and I decided to wear it at the first opportunity. Originally, the saree came with a matching blouse piece (teal with gold and red border). However, I thought that the matching blouse made the saree look a tad dull, and dull I was in no mood to wear! So I went out fabric shopping with my Mum and we scooped up some gorgeous chanderi fabric in red and gold which I thought would brighten up the entire look. And I think I was right! The blouse made all the difference to the saree. It added a touch of interest and fun to the whole look. Another thing I want to say is that I had a clear vision regarding the style of the blouse. Full sleeves was something I wanted from the moment I planned on wearing this saree, not only because the month of December is cold, but because of the fact that full-sleeves make the outfit look a little royal/unique/designer-esque (the right word seems to be escaping my mind, but feel free to write it in the comments below :)).

I think I have mentioned this before that whenever I wear a saree, I keep my accessories fairly simple. So this occasion was no different- I wore traditional gold jhumkas alongwith gold bangles and a thick gold necklace/chain. Bangles were a mix of gold and red, and I carried my phone and lipstick in sparkly gold clutch. For footwear I wore my gold sandals, not too high, just right for sauntering around in a saree.

BTW, the girl at the parlour did a fabulous job with tying/draping my saree. She did not even use like a 100 safety pins. My saree stayed in place till the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post. Looking forward to your feedback on this one.

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  1. gorgeous.. Full sleeves bright blouse with this saree looks very good..

  2. love the blouse.long sleeves looks very nice. :)

  3. you look Absolutely stunning and beautiful ... <3ed it

  4. Your saree is absolutely stunning! And I love that you kept the jewelry simple.

  5. You look lovely!! ❤

  6. Looking gorgeous dear <3 ^_^


  7. Lovely Blog :) Gorgeous Sari
    Following you now on GFC, Please follow back and return the support will appreciate it <3

  8. You look lovely, love the colours :)

  9. You look gorgeous and that blouse really compliments the saree fabulously :)

  10. This is such a lovely sari! I love the red with the teal

    1. Thanks, Nigar! :) Teal with red is one of my favourite colour-combos!

  11. Indian Sarees are adorable in their design. The vividness we see in design are in number. They have appealing look through a great art work.

  12. I really like the blouse...it is nice :)

  13. I totally adore your simple style!! could you please mention the details like from where in delhi you buy all ur traditional wear...please please do one video or a post regarding the traditional outfits.

    1. Thanks! :)
      This saree is from Meena Bazaar.
      Honestly, I do not really buy a lot of traditional Indian clothing, but I'm trying to make maximum use of the beautiful clothes (from my wedding trousseau). If you are looking for sarees, you could try Meena Bazaar, but if you want to really explore you could hit Chandini Chowk- there's this whole line of shops dedicated to Indian wear (sarees, suits, lehengas etc.).

      I have done a couple of videos on Indian outfits (and plan to do more in the future). You could have a look at them here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8PTkB0bqqSt1mNQv6sqXcVCpMLPk7g7H

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